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Long Beard Pro - Dry Skin

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The skin under your beard, no matter how long it is, needs special cares, hygiene, nutrition and moisture. This Macho Kit is perfect for those starting to grow their facial hair.

Long Beard Pro - Dry Skin includes:

  • unit Natural Beard Bar of Soap - The Macho Soap 
  • unit Natural Beard Oil -  San Francisco
  • unit Natural Soft Mustache Wax
  • 1 unit natural Beard Balm
  • 1 unit Beard Conditioner - Steve "Leave In"

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Long Beard Pro - Dry Skin Includes:

1 unit Natural Beard Bar of Soap - The Macho Soap

Macho Soap is a traditional beard soap bar that contains an amazing bundle of natural ingredients. 

Our beard soap bar its a must at grooming process: it gets rid of dirt, and leave your beard clean, nourished, and moisturized as you have never felt it before.

Warning: Macho Soap is addictive. 

"Macho Soap is a must for your daily beard care: hygiene, nutrition and softness"

Suitable for:  all skin and beard types

Size: 150g


1 unit Natural Beard Oil - San Francisco

San Francisco Beard Oil moisturizes dry skin and softens thick and rough hair. Forget about itching or any other dry skin unpleasant effect.

Premium quality essential oils will moisturize and nourish your skin and beard as you have never felt it. The San Francisco will also delight you with it's forest aroma, fresh and mannish. So Macho!

"Moisturizing and nourishing power for your skin and beard"

Suitable for: Very dry skin or beard, Calm itching, African-American skin, Gray beard, Red beard.

Size: 10 ml


1 unit Soft Natural Mustache Wax

Don't you ever miss a kiss! Our Soft Mustache Wax has been formulated to neutralize food, drinks or cigarette smells on your mustache. It will also nourish and moisturize it, leaving your lips and mustache ready to kiss.

Oh! Yeah, Macho Soft Mustache Wax will also help you control your mustache and it will add it extra volume... But, isn't kissing much more interesting?

"Neutralize food or drinks smell in your mustache with our wax. Never miss a kiss!"

Suitable for: Legendary kisses

Content: 15ml


1 unit Beard Balm

If you have a medium or long beard, and you want a perfect styling and maximum moisturizing this is your perfect balm.

Macho Beard Balm moisturizes your beard while it helps you style it with its light and natural fixture. The holding effect will last for 8 hours. But its real wow effect is how it will nourish your beard to the limit.

"Take your beard care to the limit!"

Suitable for: Beards longer than 3 cm, Volumizing thin facial hair, Maximun moisturizing, Before enjoying water sports, Rainy days

Content: 45ml


1 unit Beard Conditioner Steve "LEAVE-IN" 

The "Steve Leave-In" is a dry conditioner that will repair your beard in a minute.

Perfect to treat split-ends, regenerate cuticles and repair and nourish damaged hair.

Handy! Awesome! Instant!

"Ultimate beard leave-in conditioner!"

Suitable for: Damaged facial hair, Mantain a healthy beard, Prevent hair breakage

Content: 150ml


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